What are the real reasons of the February 2014 Venezuelan Riots?



This is now the 15th year of the most loved and hated government in the Venezuelan History, and the more unstable too. By today, the country is really divide in two sides who hate each other. One are the socialists who supported the Chavez socialism and now support the ignorance of Nicolas Maduro, who is not capable to tell the people how socialism works. And the other part of the country are the ones who are protesting, the opposition, who are, according to the government, a Nazi-fascist group of imperialist. Interesting.

Now I will try to explain the several reasons why the Venezuelans are so upset.

Venezuela is (for those who didn’t know) a party country like. Wtf is that?, well, its very simple. The immense majority can be not agree with the politics BUT all of them are agree with something, with partying. We are cheerful, like to go out, the alcohol and the many beautiful woman who live in here think the same. Maybe there is not food but the weekends are sacred for the youth and they have to enjoy it to the fullest.

The average Venezuelan can be satisfied with social security, a good chance of work and plenty of food. We don’t have any of that.

Its a renown fact that Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, compared to conflict zones. My officialism friends says that’s a lie, but the crime don’t lie. Here you can get killed for a pair of shoes or a cellphone, believe it. If you have any economical satisfaction (having a great job, wining the lottery, etc) you are a potential target of the kidnapping.

Here the kidnapping its a interesting theme, because many times the family pays the required amount to the criminals and the kidnapped person is murdered anyway.

Response from the president?, none. From where he sits, Venezuela its a really safe country. If someone say anything about assassinations and executions, robbery and kidnapping, its a imperial a Nazi-fascist liar. Kind of weird, doesn’t?

Now, economics. It is really interesting to know that the eight maximum responsible persons of the economic and financial matters have a large list of professions, but none have any academic degree related to economic. That for a start. All of them are engineers and military.

Lets say that academic degrees doesn’t matter at all. Okey.

The economic situation its really severe at the moment. Having a huge oil income, we have huge debts with many countries like China. Our inflation is the highest in the world (close to 54%). Our currency really worthless. The markets are empty and basic food products are scarce and missing. Why is this?

Is not this simple but here it goes. This 15-year government use a tool called “expropriation”, that’s the beginning. When a “socialist” government use this tool, the private industry start to run away and the financial numbers of production and national income drops. To the industries who didn’t ran way, thank you but you are screwed.

By 2003, the government implement a currency control to avoid the dollar escape from the country by those “evil imperialist”. Okey, that is really nice, but that means what?

The regular people “stops to steal the dollars of the homeland”. And by that moment the only group who are stealing the money are the same officialism (I have seen that kind of transactions with my own eyes). And what about the remaining private sector of economy?, they get the necessary currency to produce their products?

No, they don’t. And that drive us to here. No food. No products. Industries stop working. The president says something about this?, of course he did. Because he think industries don’t need raw material, he says “all the private industry are conspiring against the Venezuelan people because they are imperial minions of the United States of America”.

Chavez and Maduro said so many times “United States” that I’m starting to believe I live in USA.

Like a chain, the industrial decadence bring a sadly unemployment, less national income, more importations, less money circulating in the common population, inflation, devaluation, international debt and many other interesting things.

And now, like a cherry in the top of the pie there is the communist repression against pacifist students

In the actual day there is not new cars to buy, by example. Automotive industries stop too and a week ago Toyota said “our actual production in the country is none, we are shutting down”, just great. Here is a really realistic example for all of you. Our minimum wage is about Bs. 3.200, meanwhile, the minimum wage in… lets say Ireland, is about 1.600 euros (and its a fact that Venezuelan work more hours and harder than many others).

Okey, 3.200 bolivares against 1600 euros. A pair of Levi’s jeans have a cost of 2.500 bolivares against 60 or 70 euros. A Motorola G have a cost of 15.000 bolivares (5 times of minimum wage) against 180 euros. Finally, a used Ford Focus in decent conditions from 2010 have a relative cost of 650.000 bolivares (and raising) against 10.000-12.000 euros. If you do the math, with the minimum wage you have to work 200 months in a row with not a single expense to buy the car. But don’t forget this: In Venezuela do NOT exist the depreciation of the asset, this means, if you buy a car today and use it for 10.000 kilometres or miles, it will cost more tomorrow. Insane.

With our natural resources, we have the chance to be a super economical power, but not, we decided to be a third world country.

Don’t worry, this is about to end. Why I’m saying this?, maybe I am a Nazi-fascist imperialist?, I don’t think so. Venezuelans from both sides are waking up. They are all tired for crying the dead thanks to the insane crime rates, they are tired to be an Indiana Jones-like searching for food, they are tired of being poor and having low chance to success in the professional matter. Besides this, exists some groups in the officialism who are changing their minds.

A great example of this is the officialism web site called Aporrea.org, who love socialism and homeland in a insane way. The fact is, some opinion articles against government were post there, shocking all the nation.

“OMG, why in the hell the officialism/homeland-lovers/fighters-against-the-empire group of journalist are saying horrible things about Maduro government?. In fact they talk about food disappearance, lack of dollars and violent crimes. But wait a minute, according to Maduro, this is happening because the Empire is attacking the Venezuela people with the cruel capitalism, this is not Maduro fault!”

That would be words of a poisoned citizen (there are so many).

Anyway, the fact is Venezuela is waking up, from both sides, making this year a truly important one for the Venezuelan people who want a better place to live. Talking about a better place to live, you know which is the safest state of Venezuela?

The answer is Dublin (thanks Ireland for receiving so many brothers in there).

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